Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keep All Your Eggs In The Same Cloud!!!

Remember the lessons on investments from old college days? Yes, the one that suggests, not to invest in the same industry or infrastructure, instead portfolio diversification was encouraged, but hey all these lessons were also valid and incorporated in IT infrastructure implementations, where organizations use to build a scattered or a central IT infrastructure to avoid any disaster and to recover using data backed up at other remote locations and for various other practices. Hence increasing the running and maintenance cost for the infrastructure.
Then came the cloud computing concept, right after initiatives taken in web development hence promoting Web Applications now it is obvious all the flavours in Cloud Computing (IaaS, Paas, Saas) are here in IT to stay forever!
Any guess why I am saying this? What's all in it for us (developers) and other parties involved?

(But before I could start explaining why…I must let you guys know, development is no different for cloud, same good old code works on the cloud too…some minor variations in deploying procedures…but hey believe me deployment too is more easier on cloud Smile)

Now back to the topic, I am not exaggerating about the upcoming boom in cloud computing paradigm as far as I am looking into the first quarter growth rate (54%-SFSF at max and 14%-SABA at min, others ranging between them and Sales Force leading with 34% and greater volume) for this fiscal year representedhere.

I am pretty sure about the stability of cloud computing based solutions and systems. So people get ready for a rollercoaster ride, yes a sudden shift in computing paradigm due to the cloud….keep your eyes and ears open as the Cloud computing will soon change the way things used to work here.

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